T.H.E O.N.E – Part 1


It all began on that fateful day when I happened to be driving by a green expanse opposite the very symbol that would be the protagonist in the fiendish plot to keep us apart. But what a beautiful and memorable day it was when we both realized that this seemingly serendipitous meeting was simply meant to be.  How was it possible to cross three lanes of traffic and get a parking spot where there never seemed to be parking at that time of day? How was it possible that two people who had not seen each other in years would be able to glimpse each other from across the way in the blur of the busy of life? All conditions pointed to probabilities of inverse infinity therefore making these series of events impossibilities, were it not for a blessing from above said the two hearts seemingly already in love.  Pleasantries exchanged, a smile here and there, mostly little chuckles both trying so hard to be suave and debonair. Finally it was time to part after all of ten minutes, but those ten minutes seemed to be the longest and strongest – for a bond was formed that day that would prove difficult to tear apart.

It was not but a few days later when those flirting words turned into “Can I take you on a date?” to which a swift reply came, “But of course, better sooner than late.” Excited at the prospect of having the one you’ve dreamed of express their interest in you, makes the heart flutter, the mind wander, and the stomach uneasy too.  The first date goes smoothly, you seem to love everything he does from the smirk on his face, to the size of his waist, and the fact that he doesn’t do dutch. He makes you laugh, he makes you smile, and your head fills up with thoughts of walking down the aisle. You think to yourself where has he been all my life? As the days go by, smooth sailing occurs, no ups and downs, no twists or turns. Everyday seems dreamier than the day the before, and before you know it, your heart leaps out the door, and you confidently declare – no need to look any further, for THE ONE I’ve searched for all my life is finally here! And you feel just as this poet did.

The sun, it did shine
 the day you came into my life
 and everything that was wrong
 became all right
 everything that was upside down
 turned around
And I smiled because finally
 my heart had found its home
 and I didn’t need anyone to tell me
 that you are where I belong
 I knew, I just knew
 that it was you
And the morning sun it would rise
 and dance through the happiness
 that shone in my eyes
 And all my dreams they did come true
 every second that was spent with you
 And every wish I had ever made
 came to life that one fateful day
And I smiled because finally
 my life and everything made perfect sense
 and I didn’t need someone to tell me
 that this was love or what it meant
 I knew, I just knew
 I was meant for you ~ By Anonymous~

But then it seemed as soon as those words rolled off your lips, no sooner would you have wished them back into the recesses of your left brain before your neurons triggered the action potential to make vocal organs bring forth these seemingly coherent wisps. Words which now seem to have been the utterance of a fool that rushed in. But don’t worry, you are not alone, you have company at the soulmate inn.  We have all been there one time or another.  The concept of “The One” has plagued us all, and it forces us to wonder “Does the concept of ‘The One really exist?” 

Stay tuned for part two as we explore the role of God, the guy, and the girl as we journey through the world of love to find the ephemeral answer to this perpetual question.  Until then, I leave you with a listen of the song Soulmate.

Writing from the heart,
Ms. B

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