No butts about it!




You know how water takes the shape of whatever container it’s in?

Well, ladies and gentlemen I had a WATER-BUTT!

I sat, my butt spread under me.
I stood, my butt ran effortlessly into my thighs.
I walked, my butt followed, even if a bit delayed.
And I ran, and oh how my butt jumped up and down and side to side with every stride!

My butt was NOT my dream butt.

My dream butt is strong and independent!

I sit, it props me up.
I stand, it remains firmly fixed.
I walk, it doesn’t jiggle but moves as one with my legs.

I run, and it keeps pace!

For me, being a “thick thing” (i.e. big boned), my butt was one of the hardest areas to mould.
But this year I am really seeing a breakthrough in my gluteus maximus, medius and minimus.

Here are a few helpful hints to expedite the process to your dream butt!

Squats -Dig deep

If I could go to the gym and do only squats, I would. I’m not talking about pansy squats with two little 10 lb dumbbells. Grab a spotter, get on a squat rack and dig deep. I used to squat just the 45 lb bar but I’ve gradually made my way up to 145 lbs. My butt is now NOT one with my thighs (my own little NSV).

Leg press – Aim high

On a leg press machine, the higher you place your feet, the higher up your hamstring  you are working. If you want to sculpt your butt, place your heels as high as you can for your reps. And again NO PANSY WEIGHT!

Lunges – Walk it out

I despised lunges. They always hurt my knees and I always felt wobbly and awkward. I’ve discovered I was doing it wrong, and awkwardness goes away with practice! When you perform a lunge, always push off your heels. (Actually most leg exercises require pushing off your heels, not your toes, unless you are doing calves.) Also, never let your knees pass your toes…. focus on dropping your hips straight down, not forward. Now I really love walking lunges – They are like wooing your butt.

Straight Leg Deadlifts – Bust those buns

Deadlifts work your gluteus and hamstrings and for me they were a great cellulite buster! The cool thing about deadlifts is that they also work your core and lower back. I like the straight-leg variety because I can really feel the stretch on my hamstrings as I lower the weight. Always remember during the entire movement, your knees should be slightly bent and your core tight. Also to avoid back injuries don’t round your lower back!

So I must say I don’t have my dream butt… YET! However, I definitely don’t have a water-butt anymore!
Maybe I am at the  molasses-butt stage, but one day, with perseverance, I will get to the BUNS OF STEEL!
So anyone suffering from water-butt, cottage cheese-butt or even no-butt… try out these exercises, stick with them, and your butt will thank you!




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