A place to worship


A Different Church Building

When I was 12 my granny died. Before that I attended her church as well as my parents’ church. After that I only attended my parents’ church… and very reluctantly. I was forced to go every Sunday. Some of the reasons I didn’t like it were:

  1. No one came to Church with a Bible.
  2. The priest was uninspiring and babbled frequently.
  3. My Sunday School teacher encouraged me to tell my parents to let me “play mas”. (Playing mas meant participating in the annual two-day Carnival street parade, typically characterized by skimpy costumes, loud sensual music, and for adults, copious amounts of alcohol consumption.)

    Carnival Masqueraders in Trinidad and Tobago


  4. The choir was like out of a horror movie.

Truly, I could have lived with point 4 (LOL). But the other three were warning signs that I wasn’t receiving Christian food for my Spirit. I knew that there was no such thing as a perfect church, but I felt that we could do better. But circumstances meant that I stayed at that church up until I left home. Unfortunately when I did leave home, I went to the other extreme. I didn’t attend any church. I would occasionally watch sermons on the tv or the internet to “get by”. And truthfully I learned a lot in those few years of pseudo-attendance. This year, however, it just wasn’t enough. The Bible says For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” (Matt 18:20). I yearned for some fellowship with real people and not behind a screen in my pyjamas.

So what better time than the start of a new school year. This September, I picked myself up and walked into a chapel. (Honestly, I totally did a Google search on these people first and prayed about whether this was the right decision! I had to make sure it wasn’t some weird cult!) Two months later and I’m still attending. What I liked about the place was:

  1. They were genuinely happy to have a visitor, probably because…
  2. … there were only about 15 people. It was cosy and intimate.
  3. Though I didn’t wear the (somewhat mandatory) head covering, they never gave me the disapproving eye.
  4. The speaker for the morning was educated (a retired professor) who obviously had his sermon thought out before opening his mouth. And there is a different speaker every week.
  5. Everyone had their Bibles!

So needless to say I felt welcomed, the people are super sweet and behave in a Christian-like manner (and are willing to acknowledge when they are not), and I can definitely say I feel my Spirit being fed every time I attend.

Anyway, I hope my story inspired you to find a place to worship if you are unsatisfied with yours, or haven’t found a place yet. Do not be afraid to walk in off the street – the worst that could happen is that you don’t like it; the best that could happen is that you find a new home!

God bless,



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