Finding Nemo



“There are plenty other fish in the sea”

I cringed at my best friend’s summation of the matter. I’m so fed up of that stupid saying. He’s my fish! I went to the shop and picked him. He was perfect for me, and then… someone stole him.

I turned to her and sulked. “I don’t like fishing”

“Well hun, we need to fish to eat” She smiled smuggly at what she thought was cleverness.

“That’s easy to say when you’re done fishing…”

My best friend was engaged for 5 months now. Her relationship seemed perfect from the outside. They loved passionately, they fought fairly and they were like-minded in their fundamental beliefs.

“Oh hun, you thought it was easy to find my perfect fish?” Her eyes lit up as she talked about her fiance. “Do you remember Mr. Goes Nowhere, Mr. Buys Nothing, Mr. Trust Issues, Mr. Selfish pants, Mr. Church, Mr. I-am-God’s-Gift-to women and worst of the bunch, Mr. You’re-the-only-one? I’ve had a lot of rotten fish hun, and learnt from every one of them what I shouldn’t stand in a relationship!”

I sigh. “Yeah, I know… but this guy… he’s not a rotten fish. He’s … ” I couldn’t finish. I felt the burning in my cheeks again. I was determined not to cry anymore.

“Well hun, you need to let him go. Let him discover whatever he needs to discover with her. If he’s really your fish, he’ll come back and appreciate you more; And if he doesn’t, well like I said… ”

“Yeah, I know… there are plenty other fish in the sea…”

“Yup! Let go and let God girl! He led me to my perfect fish after all those losers. Who’s to say he doesn’t have one for you?”

Hello again. Here’s more fiction with a tinge of truth! Hope you like it. I tried to make it less morbid than the other two short stories, though people seemed to like those ones LOL!

Have a great day!



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