And still, he wept


A Silhouette of Sadness

You’ve been through a difficult situation. You’ve decided to trust God for a way out and you are waiting for Him… but yet you still feel that grief burdening you. Is it unfaithful to feel that way?

I’ve asked myself this question. I’ve wondered if all this sadness I feel means I did not fully hand over the reins to God. I felt so guilty for awhile and started searching for answers. And then my searching made me wonder if that too was me trying to control the situation.

Well, I’m glad I did search. I found this article by Tony Alicea where he talked about the incident where Mary and Martha’s brother, and Jesus’ close friend, Lazarus, had died when Jesus was away (John 11). The most striking part of the article was this line:

He knew the very thing He came for was to raise Lazarus from the dead. And still, He wept.

You see, Jesus (being God incarnate) knew that Lazarus had died and knew that He would raise him from the dead…. yet Jesus (being human) wept.

And so I’ve come to the conclusion that although I know God is going to work out my situation, and I know his plans are good and beneficial, I am still allowed to feel grief, to weep as Jesus did, because after all, I am only human.

God bless,



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