Eat less sugar… you’re sweet enough already


Hey everyone!

So I haven’t written much on health and fitness for a L–O–N–G while! The truth is I’ve been trying something new. Remember when I said I hated fad diets? Well, I’ve thrown in the towel. After working out for years and being slim but not toned I went on a low sugar diet. I continued my usual workout and continued taking multivitamins but here’s how my food intake went:

Mon to Fri… I ate every 3 hours as normal but low sugar and limited dairy. This includes no fruit, juice, soda, soy milk, cookies or my favourite TWIX 😦

The North American Twix wrapper as of 2010.

Breakfast was invariably 1 cup of cream of wheat or oats in water with a half scoop of vanilla casein because it’s easy and delicious. I had well balanced lunches, for example brown rice, baked chicken and a mixture of uncooked corn, sweet peppers and carrots (or whatever fresh veggies I had around). I had a pre-workout drink before I hit the gym and dinner was usually a turkey/chicken/cottage cheese multigrain sandwich with veggies or something simple like that. I snacked on bran flakes, nuts, plain greek yogurt with a little stevia, sugar-free gelatine or homemade sugar-free cookies if I felt hungry, because starving myself is NOT a good idea.

On the weekends I ate whatever I wanted IN MODERATION! No bingeing was allowed!

Scenography for the movie Greed. 1926.

The first week was the hardest but honestly by week two I didn’t have cravings anymore. Twix bars did not have that same addictive hold on me. My taste buds definitely adapted.

So how did my body respond? Well I definitely was never hungry (unless I missed my 3 hour mark… which is my own fault!) I began to see more definition in my body. My skin was cleaner (re: adult acne) and in the first couple of weeks I lost 3 lbs. I felt really energized rather than tired and I continued this diet for about a month until Christmas. But right before Christmas, I saw abs! For the first time in my life!

Praise Jesus, abs are possible for regular people like you and me!

Abs of Stone

So if you are struggling with that last few pounds off your goal weight, or just want to tone up for a big event, try cutting those extra sugar sources out of your diet. I’m not a medical doctor so if you want professional help, see a nutritionist or dietician. I’m just a regular person trying to take care of the only body I have. You should know what works for you.

The thing about this diet is that it doesn’t have to be a fad. You aren’t totally cutting out those bad foods you love, just saving them for special occasions. It makes you appreciate them so much more or realizee you didn’t like them that much anyway.

Keep healthy,



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