I don’t wait anymore.


I’ve never had a purity ring but I think the underlying concept of waiting on God and not getting a “wish list” fulfilled is very familiar. I just thought I’d share … What do you think?


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  1. I think the author was very poignant in her statement about the significance of having a love relationship with God not merely to get something from Him but just because you love Him. I believe nothing is wrong with a purity ring but in the author’s case, the significance of that ring was equivalent to as she said waiting for the husband God sends which at the same time was obscuring her perception of God. However if the purity ring is worn based on the principle that you are saving for your virginity for marriage, because you love God and thus want to honor his principles, even if you had to wear the ring for the rest of your life if you did not get married, and it would not serve as a constant reminder of lack of a husband, then a purity ring is fine.

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